The Dream Is Valid: A Benefit Compilation for Kiva​.​org

by The Dream Is Valid

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    "The problem is not desire. It's that your desires are too small."
    - Sri Nisargadatta
    So this is it: After almost a year in the making, the Zaadz Visionary Music community's first group project is now available for download. Every cent of profit from this album's "name your price" sales go directly to a microloans account, where it will fund sustainable businesses in the developing world. You can keep track of the good work this money is doing at
    It's what I call "putting play to work." The artists get exposure, the audience gets beautiful music, and people everywhere are empowered by entertainment spending. This album is Exhibit A in the case for the perfect complimentarity of art, sustainability, and business. While doing what we are already doing, with the resources and infrastructure we already have, we can rewire our culture to yield more for everyone.
    Premal Shah, president of
    "The support and generosity of this community of musicians, and everyone who purchases the album, can make a real difference in the lives of the poor who may not otherwise have access to needed capital to build their businesses so that they can send their children to school, afford medical care, and pull themselves out of the poverty cycle."
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At Zaadz Visionary Music, we are motivated by our belief in the power of music to effect positive change. Music has always been a unequaled organizer of people - over one hundred million dollars is spent on music every day in the United States. That's an enormous pool of resources and attention that could be harnessed to make the world a better place while still enjoying ourselves. When musicians give their creative gifts in support of loving effort, and audiences exercise their purchasing power to support that effort, all of us get to help and have fun at the same time - to put play to work.

Our first group project is this benefit compilation for - an organization that arranges microloans for entrepreneurs in developing nations. Everyone involved has relinquished their profit from the sales of this album so it can go directly to empowering sustainable business practices in local economies all over the planet. Not just once, but over and over - as our microloans are repaid and album sales continue, this compilation will be the center of an ever-expanding wave of global support. The Dream Is Valid is a reminder to not just rest in peace, but to act from it - because even if this life is an illusion, it's the only one we have. And now, The Dream Is Valid for many more of the hardworking people in the developing world, who have a new ally in their struggle against the tide of globalism.

But as much as this is a project for the greater good, it is proof that socially-conscious music can sound awesome, too. It's been an honor to work with the diversity of incredible talent represented on this collection - visionary musicians, every one of them. Enjoy the tunes, and rest easy knowing that your entertainment money is making a difference.

michaelgarfield at gmail dot com


released December 12, 2007

...and here are the websites for everyone who contributed to the compilation. Listen to their music and offer them hugs.

Raymond Powers - "Sunrise Mandala"

Caroline Waters - "Deep Blue Sea"

Rob Costlow and allMeadow - "Respect"

Ric Hordinski - "Middle Way"

Michael Garfield - "Tin Heart"

Michael Waters - "Robinsong"

Jaik Miller Band - "There's A Whole World On Fire"
Watch the live video:

Phil Castillo - "Legacy"

Rane - "Cold"

Chaparral Andrew Hodges - "Chessboard of Gwenddolau

Willow Pearson - "One Taste"

Carl Jacobson feat. Daniel Abreu - "Zero Hour

Cari Cole - "Heaven

David Serotkin - "Into the Night Sky

Sean Clarke - "All Paths Lead You Home

Akhentek - "Piksee"

Album artwork by David Titterington
 - "Light in Light"

If you'd like to contribute to the next compilation, or you want to help promote this or future efforts, email me. I will be delighted to meet you.



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